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Words Are With Us Every Moment Of Our Lives

Anthony was born in Los Angeles, however, he has spent the majority of his life in Columbus, Ohio.  A product of the public school system, he also attended classes at Franklin University. Early in his life Anthony developed a passion for history, so much so that in his sophomore high school year he was a straight A student in the subject. “The lives and history of people before me has always fascinated me,” Anthony explains. “I have always believed that civilizations that have built great things, and educated their people, are remembered the most.”

Throughout his years in the business world Anthony was known as an “effective writer.”  It wasn’t until 2000 when Anthony began his rewarding and fascinating journey to discover his own family roots, did his passion for history, and ability to communicate through writing come together with the writing and publishing of Bittersweet Journey. Anthony is a member of the Columbus State Community College “Saturday Writers Group” a remarkable collection of faculty and community writers who have helped him develop his writing skills. “Whenever I’m asked how to begin the writing process, my answer is – join a writing group first. The learning experience in a writer’s group is invaluable,” Anthony shares.

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